Gillian Campbell

Name -
Gillian Paula Campbell

Birthplace -
Darwen, Lancashire

Previous Club -

Childhood Crush -
After my grandma taking me to see summer holiday in 1963 it was Cliff Richard, but circa 1971 I became besotted with Rod Stewart and still am to this day. Despite the football team he supports

Fav Player Of All Time -

Fav Odiaxere Player -
Need you ask - has to be Colin
Most Difficult Odiaxere Player -

Most Memorable Match -
14th May 1995. Last game of season. Man Utd 1 -1 West Ham.
Blackburn lost to Liverpool 2-1. Waiting for final whistle from both games news came that Utd only got a draw, and despite Blackburn loosing, they stopped the trophy going to Utd for the 3rd consecutive year, and became 2nd club to win premiership. Think I was drunk for 2 days.

Biggest Thrill -
Going on my own the first time to see Rod Stewart

John Lennon/Paul Mc -
Gotta be John Lennon

Oasis/Blur -

Best Country Visited -

Fav Food -
Steak pudding in rag, chips and peas

Fav Portuguese Food -
All traditional cooked food

Fav Drink -
Vodka & soda
Misc Likes -
Beauty treatments, honesty
Misc Dislikes -
Tardiness, unorganised people, bad manners

Fav TV Show -
MASH and Pointless
Fav Film -
Don't really have one, never watch a film more than twice

Fav Singe -
Rod Stewart, Marvin Gaye

Fav Actor -
Richard Gere, Clint Eastwood
Biggest Influence On Career -
No one really, always been my own person

Biggest Drag In Soccer -
Micheal Owen commentating, boring

Item Take To Desert Island -
Picture of my 4 beautiful granddaughters and cork screw, for the wine I'd smuggle

Who Most Like To Meet -
Winston Churchill

(As always the views expressed are not necessarily that of Odiaxere Walking Football. )

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