Tony Wyld

Name -
Tony Wyld

Birthplace -
Illogan, Cornwall (Illogan was where Poldark's lovely Demelza was born)

Previous clubs -
Truro City Vets (as in over 35's rather than playing with animals), Los Gringos, Saints St Austell.

Childhood Crush -
Bela Lugosi, Mark Bolan, Georgie Best, Bruce Lee, Brigitte Bardot, Deborah Harry, Susan George (Girl on a motorcycle!)

Fav pro player -
Georgie Best

Fav Odiaxere player -
All great bunch of lads and as yet don't think I've managed to p anyone off. But please give me time....

Most Difficult opponent -
Haydn coz he's solid and thinks he's playing rugby. Alfredo tries to be difficult pinching your leg but doesn't realise it turns me on. Roger thinks his put-downs work, but we all know his insults are due to him feeling lonely up there on his own!

Most memorable match -
Truro City winning the FA Vase at Wembley at which I was meant to be spectating but spent it in hospital with severely knackered back.

Biggest thrill -
Silver medal in the British Taekwondo championships for over 35 year olds, when I was 54.

John L or Paul M -
Sorry but neither. Think Beatles were overrated and prefer Beachboys any day. But if I had to choose, JL gets my vote as PM has always seemed to have a big French Fry on his shoulder.

Oasis or Blur -
Nah, neither. Def Leppard any day. They are not up themselves and just play fun heavy rock. Poor some sugar on me if you like but Leppard rock.

Biggest Dissapointment -
Not getting to play for Man United of course!

Best Country Visited -
I loved teaching in Japan and being bowed to by my students and being called Tony San. Made me feel like Mr Miagi. I tried doing chalk on, chalk off but they didn't get it!
Also loved Cuba which I suspect the UK are trying to emulate now with Brexit but hey, I couldn't possibly comment?
Chile also holds very fond memories for me with epic surf and lovely people.

Fav Food -
Although I do love a good pasty if its made proper way, l salivate at the mention of bangers and mash and I do like masticating... on the occasional pastel de nata.

Fav Portuguese Food -
All fish dishes whet my appetite but notably Tuna Algarve.

Fav Drink -
Sangria branca tends to wet my whistle and Sagres cerveija is close behind.

Miscellaneous Likes -
Word play! Writing second rate poetry, surfing mellow waves on my longboard, winding up our Portuguese water dog, Figo, Cruising on my twin Dragstar 1100 and trying to learn Portuguese meus amigos!

Miscellaneous dislikes -
Wingers (as in moaners and not Willie Morgans), lateness, lies, injustice and Boris.

Fav TV Show -
The Singing Detective (Michael Gambon version)

Fav Film -
Big Wednesday

Fav singer -
Leonard Cohen, Cat Stevens, Celine Dion, U2, Uriah Heep, Phil Lynott and wait for it.. Def Leppard! Keep pouring that sugar on me..

Fav Actor -
Bruce Lee, Jack Nicholson, Michael Gambon, Isabelle Adjani.

Biggest Influence On Career -
Crap male language teachers I had at school inspired me to try and do better as a language teacher. But I suspect I was even worse than they were!

Biggest Drag In Soccer -
Diving and prima donas, idiot pundits who make the beautiful game into something it ain't, especially when they talk of diamonds and 'being in the ascendancy'

Desert Island Item -
My longboard bro!

One person to meet - 
Boris, so I could see if my Taekwondo still works as it should.
If not, Bruce Lee who I would set on Boris.

(As always, the views expressed here are not necessarily those of Odiaxere Walking Football.)

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