What is Walking Football?

No sprinting - No running - and don't even think about jogging!

Walking Football is exactly as the name suggests - you play football, at walking pace

Usually aimed at people over 50, this inclusive, fun and sociable version of the game is slow-paced but lacks none of the passion or excitement of the original game

Whether you're looking to keep active, stay fit, or simply want to play for the love of the game, Walking Football offers the perfect opportunity to take to the pitch

As well as the health benefits associated with most forms of physical activity - keeping fit and active, weight loss etc., there are also many mental health benefits that come with playing Walking Football - especially as we get older, the benefits of being part of something - maybe the transition into retirement, or even a partner not in the best of health - all take their toll and Walking Football can certainly assist

Taking time to socialise, meet new people or even build confidence are all part and parcel of taking part in this slower version of the beautiful game