Regular Tuesday and Friday Sessions

Minimum Numbers
The minimum number to run a session is 10. If the minimum number is not reached on the WhatsApp Availability Poll by 8pm the previous night, then the session will be cancelled.

Session Format
10 to 14 players - 2 teams, small pitch, 12 minutes per game

15-21 players - 3 teams, small pitch, 6 minutes per game

22+ players - 2 teams, large pitch, 12 minutes per game

3 minutes rest periods between all games

Control of games

When we have a referee in attendance at our regular Tuesday and Friday sessions, the referees decision is FINAL, irrespective of what an individual player may think. If a player feels aggrieved they can politely ask the referee to clarify their decision in the rest time between games, NOT whilst the game is being played.
When we do not have a referee in attendance we rely on players honesty and once a player calls an infringement then the game stops and a free kick takes place.


Managed by Tony Burke. Before each friendly, a WhatsApp Availability Poll will be created with a desired squad size indicated. Those interested should record their availability. A squad will be selected and as these friendlies are run as fun events, each member of the squad will receive equal playing time.


As the club has developed over the past five years we have been able to give a good account of ourselves in both 50+ and 60+ tournaments. We have been successful in winning three trophies and therefore the Club feels that it should always endeavour to put out its best squad and team. This is a good reflection of how we have developed as a club since our birth in 2019, no mean feat as also we all had to manage and survive the ongoing Covid pandemic. The procedure for tournaments will be as follows:

Four weeks before each tournament, Chris Bresnahan will create a WhatsApp Availability Poll, which will include a reply cut off date. Once all interested parties are known the committee of Bill, John and Chris, in isolation, will select their individual squad. The three choices will then be collated to form the tournament squad.

Please note that ideally it will be 10 person squads for 7-a-side tournaments, 9 for 6-a-side tournaments and 8 players for 5-a-side tournaments.

Each squad will be responsible for choosing their own manager and captain. Ideally, the Manager should NOT be a squad player.

A reminder that we enter each tournament with a view to being successful. Therefore, if an individual of the club makes themselves available, please be aware that your individual game time is in the hands of the relevant team captain or manager unlike the friendly games.


Whilst the general OWFC rules around Covid have been relaxed there are still some guidelines in place:

If you have tested positive for Covid. you should inform the OWFC Committee as soon as possible and not attend a session until you have a negative test.

If you have been in contact with anybody that has recently tested positive for Covid, or if you have been in contact with someone that suspects they may have Covid you should inform the OWFC Committee as soon as possible and not attend a session for a minimum of 5 days, and preferably following a negative test result.

General Club Procedures