Club Charter

​At Odiáxere, we believe the emphasis of Walking Football is playing for fun and keeping fit in our advanced years.

We should all appreciate that some players may be slow or even sometimes clumsy and recognise that any foul committed is unlikely to be either intentional or malicious.
Players at all times should:
Place the well-being, safety and enjoyment of every other player above everything, including winning.
Adhere to the Laws of the Game
Abide by and accept in good grace the decisions of the referee or anyone assisting with this role.
Never engage in offensive, insulting, abusive or disrespectful language towards any other person or persons.
Never engage in bullying, intimidation or harassment.
Always speak to officials, teammates, the opposition, coaches/managers and spectators with respect.
Promote and endorse Fair Play.
If an individual’s conduct is a significant breach of any of the above, or any club member acts in an improper, disrespectful or violent manner to any fellow members (including guests), the Odiáxere Walking Football Officials reserve the right to suspend or expel a member indefinitely.


If selected to represent the club in a tournament, players will be expected to:
Wear the kit supplied by the club and take instruction willingly.

Show respect to the players of both teams at ALL times.

Show respect to the referee, officials and their decisions,
NEVER insult them verbally or physically, nor protest any decision.
We will respect the location and facilities being used for any tournament.
Win or lose with dignity, shake hands with the opposing team and the referee/officials at the end of every game.
Rivalry is only for the field of play and always with discipline and honesty.
 Both within the club and at tournaments, friendship at the end of the game is important and to be valued and we will ALWAYS respect the opposition team and its players whatever the result.

We would expect that club members are mature and sensible enough to behave responsibly and in the unlikely event that the club have to step in, sanctions will range from sitting out a session/match to being asked to not attend either until further notice.
Please always remember our Club ethos of enjoying our football, staying safe and respecting others.