Liam Cooney

Born in West London 1947.

Played for two clubs over 20 year period in the Old Boys Football League. The biggest league in Europe I believe in the 70s and 80s. I was the Minutes Secretary for a few years, meeting monthly in Central London. One of my clubs had 8 and the other 5 teams.

Childhood crush was Kim Novak.

Fav Player Tom Finney, closely followed by Mr Best. Finney played both wings and centre forward for England (Matthews didn't!).

Odiaxere - JS to both questions as I don't know most of the others that well and I have been assaulted by JS!

Memorable match - 1964 Cup Final PNE lost 3-2 to W,Ham. Great game. Howard Kendall the youngest player to play in a final at the time.
Biggest thrill - Jack's Ireland 1 England 0 1988 Euros.



Biggest disappointment - PNE losing 2005 playoff final 1-0 to W.Ham (again)

Best country visited - Nepal, scenery and people beautiful

Fav food - Bacon (Gammon), cabbage and potatoes with with either mustard or HP sauce

Portuguese - pica-pau, corvina/cherne/garoupa fish. Love vino verde or tinto.

Likes - books not kindles.

Dislikes - pomposity especially when linked to wealth and/or class.

Fav TV show - Sopranos/Breaking Bad/The Wire

Fav film and actor - One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest and Jack Nicholson

Fav Singer - could be loads but have to go with Ella Fitzgerald

Biggest Influence - Frank De Maria and Tony Pellegrini both of whom helped me a lot in my teaching career. Frank was an uncle of Peter Bonetti.

Biggest drag in soccer - price of tickets and soccer hooligans.

Desert island - sun screen! saw/axe

Person - Xi Jinping and/or Putin. Got Trump wrapped around their little fingers! sorry Ian, couldn't resist it!