Name -
Robert K Lynch
Born -
Lanark, Scotland.

Previous clubs -
Too many to mention. Only one of note was Hamilton Academicals under 16's, that was of course before they became one of Europe's most high profile clubs!

Childhood crush -
Olivia Newton John. She was always a very amenable and friendly girl in my mind!

Favourite Player -
Jimmy Jinky Johnstone. "The Lord of the Wing".

Favourite Odiaxere Player -
Has to be Nigel! He has to contend with having four women in his life, but always puts on a brave face, so you would never know it!

Most difficult -
Colin. That Rangers top he wears brings me out in a rash whenever I go near him!

Most Memorable Match -
Celtic v Leeds, European Cup Semi-Final at Hampden Park, crowd 136,500. Celtic won 2-1 (sorry John)!
I was standing behind the goal.

Biggest Thrill -
Probably doing the bobsleigh run at Innsbruck one Christmas day!

Lennon or McCartney -
John Lennon

Blur or Oasis -

Biggest Disappointment -
Celtic losing the Europa Cup Final to Porto in Seville in 2003, against Jose Mourinho's team of cheating diving con-artists!

Best Country Visited -

Favourite Food
Curry but hot curry, not the stew that is korma!

Favourite Portuguese Food - Mussels and most other seafood. Lovely stuff!

Favourite Drink -
Beer, although I am quite partial to the odd glass of wine. But you couldn't live a life without beer!

Miscellaneous Likes -
Good books and films, visiting different towns and cities, beer and pizza! Oh, and chocolate!

Miscellaneous Dislikes - Pompous hypocritical people, Brexiteers, and butter beans, I actually loathe them, the beans that is!

Favourite TV Show -
Breaking Bad.

Favourite Film -
The Godfather 2. The first one wasnt bad either!

Favourite Singer -
Leonard Cohen

Favourite Actor -
Al Pacino

Biggest Influence -
Gordon, former head of department where I worked.

Biggest Soccer Drag -
TV pundits that haven't a clue what they are chuntering on about!

Take To A Dessert Island -
A fishing net!

Most Like To Meet -
Al Pacino

(As always the views expressed are not necessarily that of Odiaxere Walking Football)