NAME: Tony Burke
PREVIOUS CLUBS: Chadderton FC - currently playing in North West Counties League
CHILDHOOD CRUSH: Who else - Debbie Harry!
FAVOURITE PROFESSIONAL PLAYER OF ALL TIME: Bryan Robson - great engine and brave competitor
FAVOURITE ODIAXERE PLAYER: Tom - with Alfredo as a close second
MOST MEMORABLE MATCH: Liverpool v Newcastle (That Stan Collymore spoiler!)
BIGGEST THRILL: The birth of my son/daughter without question
BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT: Losing the title to Man U-shited
JOHN LENNON OR PAUL McCARTNEY: Neither - Bruce Springsteen lights me up
OASIS OR BLUR: Oasis - Love the attitude of Liam
BEST COUNTRY VISITED: India - It's a complete attack on the senses
FAVOURITE FOOD: Indian - I love spices. Ask John Swires.
FAVOURITE PORTUGUESE FOOD: Beef Cheeks with Figs & Prunes. Finger lickin' good!
FAVOURITE DRINK: Red wine - in particular Italian Amerone, if anyone is buying
MISCELLANEOUS LIKES: I like straight talking uncomplicated people - I always try and see the humour in every situation
MISCELLANEOUS DISLIKES: Bullies, butter and nacissists
FAVOURITE TV SHOW: Currently Ted Lasso - Remonds me of Odiaxere WFC
FAVOURITE FILM: Casino - love both De Niro and Joe Pesci
FAVOURITE SINGER: Eminem - Bloody genius!
WHAT ONE ITEM WOULD YOU LIKE TO TAKE WITH YOU TO A DESERT ISLAND: Mike Williams hair dryer - Just to see how he copes without it!
WHICH ONE PERSON IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU MOST LIKE TO MEET: Donald Trump - He must have stories to tell - Right?